10 Must-Bring Items When Traveling

Published: 30th June 2010
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Traveling is one of the most worthwhile activities anyone can have in an entire lifetime. Visiting distinctive places, encountering various cultures, getting to know new people- these are just some of the fantastic things one gets to experience when travelling. And let's face it, with the hustles and bustles of everyday life, everyone needs a little time off to clear their heads and get away from it all.

However, some of us tend to organise our trips at the last minute, and packing things in such a hurry might result in a few slip-ups. Some travelers tend to miss crucial stuff when packing, while others over-pack and are forced to carry heavy luggage and consequently pay excess baggage costs.

Whether you are planning to embrace the heat of the sun on a long stretch of sandy beach, or listen to the waves of the spotless waters while you are on a cruise ten thousand miles away from your domicile, having the proper travel gear is essential to prop up your intentions in your whereabouts.The following are ten travel basics that you might want to take note of, so you will know what to bring in your next trip, regardless of your chosen destination:

A sturdy, trendy wheeled bag/ backpack - Bear in mind that your bag will be your things' home-sweet-home, and it needs to be adequately strong and big to house all your clothes, toiletries, etc. and should be stylish enough to match the aura of your destination. Just consider the headache when your bag's strap breaks in a middle of your excursion or the off-feeling of taking a huge net backpack if you're bound to cross the river during your excursion.

A comprehensive daypack - Big things come in small packages- such is the case for daypacks. There's never any ruin in carrying an additional, small zip-up or tote bag where you can put daytime necessities like a map, sunblock, or a bottle of water- just make sure it's convenient to carry around and won't be much of a burden.

Money belt and extra cash - Money is what you essentially need to fulfill all the well-planned trip and bringing some extra cash is essential, in case some of the available resources like food, drinks, and other essential travel things become inadequate to meet your needs. Also, you have to bear in mind that there are pickpockets who can be swifter than your instincts, so make sure that you protect your cash in a money belt.

Safety and vanity kits - Traveling doesn't necessarily mean letting yourself go. When packing, never ever forget to bring your toiletries with you (yes, they deserve some space in that already crammed bag). They are, after all, your protection against undesirable odor and skin conditions. A first aid kit that contains basic remedies and wound cleaning agents is also just as important as the previous. Remember, you'll never know what you may encounter during your travels, that's why it's important to constantly stay prepared for any form of emergency.

PROPER ATTIRE: Be sure before you pack your stuff, you know exactly what weather you're about to experience in your chosen destination. It is important to know whether it's sunny, rainy, or snowy so you can bring the right attire for the season. You don't want to end up dressed in a two-piece bikini in a chilly location. Make sure you pack all necessary wardrobes you need from head to toe.

Eclectic electrical doodads - Bringing some of your gadgets like cellular phones, laptops, mp3 players, and even portable appliances might be necessary, so do include the requisite voltage converters and plug adapters. Wrong voltages can damage your things, so you might as well bring them to save your valuable electronics from short circuits, and save yourself from money-shortage that can be brought about by the emergency repair of your items.

EXTRA JUICE FOR YOUR ELECTRONICS: It's essential to carry around gadgets when travelling such as flashlight for emergency, alarm clock, and cameras to take snapshots of magnificent views. However, some outlets are not compatible with your electronics' voltage and might cause serious damage. To prevent this I recommend you carry around battery-operated devices, since batteries are easily affordable and readily available in any stores. In addition, pack along extra batteries in your carry-around tote bag in case you run out of power while on the road.

Research notes and maps -One mistake most travelers make is taking research for granted. One might be astonished how well a bit of information about an area can do you good. So research before you head off. Write the information you've gathered down or print them if you can. No one would want to mess up their vacation just because they forgot to bring a map or take down important notes about the area.

Weather bits and pieces - Everywhere you go nowadays, its extreme weather condition. Torrential rains and El NiƱo are only some of the things you might experience during your travel. So make sure you pack a good amount of sunblock and that water-proof rain coat when you head off. A good quantity of mosquito repellant is also a must for those who'll most likely be sleeping outside.

IMPORTANT PAPERS: If you're traveling to a different country or a faraway land from home, tourism departments recommend that vacationers have back-up copies of their documents such as visa and passport, IDs, insurance certificates, and travel tickets. To secure it from being torn or getting wet, I propose you place your documents in a zip-lock bag before placing it safely in your bags. Once you arrive at your destination, leave some documents in your hotel or vacation homes, and take one copy of each in your to-go bag.

Travelling should be a lot of fun. And it will be if you're well-packed and ready for anything. So pack those bags and along with it, that positive attitude and sense of adventure. Remember, you're doing this to get away from all the strains of everyday living, so don't let carelessness turn your experience into another source of anxiety.

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